2017 Budget Good for Maritime Training and Support

2017 Budget Good for Maritime Training and Support

uk budget philip hammondAnnual budget announcements are always uncertain. Everyone wants a piece of the budgetary pie, and there are always winners and losers no matter how the government decides to spend its revenues. Thankfully, the maritime industry found itself on the winning side in the 2017 budget. Chancellor Philip Hammond let it be known that the government is committed to assisting maritime industries in the coming year.

Nautilus International, the trade union for seafarers and allied workers in the UK, has officially welcomed the 2017 budget announcement as good news for the industry. Nautilus is especially pleased with the support planned for the North Sea oil and gas industry. Government support could help the struggling industry get back on its feet this year.

Comprehensive and Far-Reaching Support

In addition to providing financial support to the gas and oil industry, the government will be spending money on maritime compliance training, health and safety training, etc. This is one area in which Nautilus International is a bit concerned. The union is calling on the government to make sure support is as widespread and far-reaching as possible.

Hand-in-hand with maritime compliance training should be a comprehensive look at decommissioning and ensuring safe and attractive working conditions for offshore seafarers, according to Nautilus.

Maritime Industries and the Economy

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the maritime industries are critical to the UK economy. As such, it is also hard to argue with the fact that government support needs to be as far-reaching as possible. Oil and gas certainly need help as it struggles to get back on solid ground. But other maritime sectors need support as well.

The government can best support British seafarers by investing heavily in maritime compliance training, health and safety training, and improving working conditions for all kinds of operations ranging from offshore energy operations to cargo shipping. Support should be offered on an as-needed basis, but various industries within the maritime sector need to all be treated fairly.

Yes, the 2017 Budget Announcement looks good for Maritime training and support. Now let us hope the government follows through on the Chancellor’s commitments. If it does, this year could end up being very good for expanding maritime industries and improving training on a global scale. We will certainly be keeping an eye on things as we plot our own course for 2017 and beyond.


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