OPITO Further Offshore Emergency Response Team Member (FOERTM)

The main aim of this further programme is to allow Offshore Emergency Response Team Member delegates to practice and be assessed on live fire exercises which they would not be able to conduct in the workplace

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Course Contents

  • Entering and working in the fire incident area using safe working practices and procedures
  • Locating and recovering casualties
  • Selecting and using portable firefighting equipment to extinguish fires
  • Extinguishing a fire and/or securing an area
  • Respond to a confined space incident
  • Respond to an incident involving personnel at height
  • Conducting and controlling breathing apparatus operations during incidents
  • Maintain effective communications



Issuing Authority


Learning Objectives

  • How to select and operate the correct firefighting equipment and media to extinguish different types of fires
  • Breathing apparatus control board procedures
  • How to identify and don the appropriate emergency response PPE required for the OER team member
  • The operation, donning and wearer checks of working duration breathing apparatus
  • Participation in an incident brief
  • Participation as an OER team member in a specified range of fire and non-fire related incidents under the direction of the Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (OERTL) following safe working practices and procedures
  • Selection and use of correct portable fire-fighting equipment 
  • Selection, operation and flushing of foam firefighting equipment 
  • Extinguishing of different types of fire and securing the area 
  • Effective communication with OERTL and OER team members during an incident
  • The key considerations and actions whilst entering and working in the incident area
  • Correct search and rescue procedures and techniques
  • The correct steps involved in initial casualty assessment and recovery
  • Participation in a post-incident debrief




2 years

Who is this course for?

Members of the OER team


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