SMT Bridge Watchkeeping (Junior Officers)

This course looks at the theory and challenges of watchkeeping, and looks at the relationships between people on the bridge. We also use the simulators to review and assess seafarers watchkeeping skills in various situations.

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Designed to meet the requirements of:-

  • SQA F7HK 11 Bridge Watchkeeping: An Introduction
  • SQA HR03 34 Bridge Watchkeeping

Learning Objectives

  • Interpret and apply regulations and systems for the safe movement of vessels.
  • Describe operational and emergency bridge watchkeeping procedures. 
  • Explain how to manoeuvre a vessel in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of information contained on a navigational chart.
  • Use navigational drawing instruments.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the IRPCS and IALA Maritime Buoyage system.
  • Identify the principles of keeping a safe navigational watch.
  • Identify meteorological phenomena.


SMT Bridge Watchkeeping (Junior Officer)


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