STCW Electronic Chart and Display Information Systems and Automatic Identification Systems (ECDIS+AIS) Webinar

This is a detailed look at ECDIS systems and their associated AIS systems, for navigation officers.

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A comprehensive course covering the use of ECDIS and AIS, to provide the fundamental knowledge for deck officers on merchant vessels to use these systems competently and confidently.


This covers the requirements of: -


IMO Model Course 1.27

IMO Model Course 1.34


Candidates must either have:

  • A minimum 6 months watch-keeping experience.
  • be part of an MNTB deck cadetship

Who is this course for?

Cadets and Deck Officers.


5 years


STCW Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS) - IMO Model Course 1.27

IMO Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) - IMO Model Course 1.34


Learning Objectives

  • Use the ECDIS to maintain safety of navigation
  • Explain the principles of the ECDIS
  • Can use ECDIS as a function tool as part of a bridge team in open and confined waters.


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