STCW Basic and Advanced Training for Service on Ships Using Fuels Covered Within the IGF Code (BIGF + AIGF)

This combined New Fuel Technology course covers the STCW Basic and Advanced Training is designed to give seafarers the education and training required to plan and carry out shipboard operations on vessels using field covered within the IGF Code. The Basic Training for Service on Ships using Fuels Covered within the IGF (LNG) Code course that aims to develop the knowledge and skills of delegates that have designated safety duties associated with the care, use, or emergency response.

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This course covers the hazards, operational requirements and safety considerations of working with low flashpoint fuels covered by the IGF code.

We will enhance the training experience with practical experiences, and the course will cover the safety of operations in depth.


  • MCA approved STCW Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Training for Service on Ships Using Fuels covered within the IGF code.
  • MCA approved STCW Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced Training for Service on Ships Using Fuels covered within the IGF code.

Who is this course for?

Senior Officers engaged in the planning and operation of machinery on IGF code vessels.


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