MCA Workboat 200 Operations (Master Workboats) (Master 200gt) - Webinar

A short course designed to prepare you for the MCA oral examination for a Master’s <200T licence per the requirements of MGN 1858.

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A look over and preparation for the style and conduct of MCA Oral examinations, and the challenges and demands of both those exams and the duties and responsibilities of a ships master, including seaworthiness, law, emergency response, navigation and much more, covering the detail of the Orals syllabus.


This course will require significant homework, and personal application.

Special Requirements

  1. Please note for this course you must have a stable internet connection with a PC, laptop or tablet/iPad that has an active camera. SMT must be able to see you at all times in order for you to sit the course, take the examination and if successful receive your certificate through the post. 
  2. Participants are advised to have stable Internet speeds of over 5 Mbps for the best user experience.
  3. At least 330 kbps (send), and 245 kbps (receive) will be required for connection.
  4. We recommend using a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet with a large enough screen to comfortably see the presentation and follow media materials.
  5. If a mobile/tablet device is used make sure to have both Zoom and Microsoft Teams applications installed. The device must have a functioning web-camera and microphone.


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