Why Choose Stream Marine Training for Your Maritime Updater?

Why Choose Stream Marine Training for Your Maritime Updater?

smt-proficiency-in-survival-craft-rescue-boats-updatingThe staff here at Stream Marine Training are fully aware that our students have lots of different choices about where they will take their maritime updater. We take our responsibility to students very seriously, regardless of the training they access through us. We do our best to ensure that new students return for their updater when the time comes.

Why choose Stream Marine Training for your Maritime updater? Consider the four reasons below:

 1. Our Easy Access Location

Stream Marine Training headquarters are located at the Glasgow International Airport. The benefits should be obvious. The airport offers easy access by way of air, rail and road, no matter from where across Scotland our students are coming from. And because the airport region offers a full complement of hotels, restaurants and other amenities, students never have to travel far to meet any of their needs. It couldn’t be easier.

 2. Local Accommodations

One of our goals as a leading training provider is to make the training process as easy and carefree as possible. To that end, we have worked with a number of local hotels to provide affordable accommodation to our students. We currently have guaranteed rates with several hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Marriott, Travelodge, Abby Inn, and more. All the hotels we work with are easily accessible from our training area.

 3. Value for Money

We take great pride in being a world-class provider of maritime training. More than that, however, we tailor all our training to the individual customer’s needs. Your requirements are most important when you and your employees are attending as Stream Marine Training students. Our training also offers excellent value for money through our efficiency and flexibility. Simply put, you get exactly what you and your employees need at a reasonable price point.

 4. SMT Innovation

The industries we serve are constantly innovating as they seek to be better at what they do. As a result, we believe we have an obligation to be innovative as well. We are always reviewing our training services and looking for more effective ways to make them better in line with current industry standards. Furthermore, our training combines both practical and theoretical learning for the most comprehensive training possible.

We have given you four reasons to choose Stream Marine Training for your Maritime updater. Be sure to visit our site again soon for even more great reasons.