More Reasons to Choose Stream Marine Training for Your Updater

More Reasons to Choose Stream Marine Training for Your Updater

smt-basic-safety-weekIn our previous blog post, we gave you four great reasons to choose Stream Marine Training for your maritime updater. Those reasons included our easy access location, prices on local accommodations, value for money, and Stream Marine Training’s innovative training solutions that we believe are second to none.

We want to follow that blog post with yet more great reasons to choose us for your updater. At Stream Marine Training, we believe we are among the best in the business due to our tailored training courses that are all developed based on customer procedures, facilities, etc. We offer both theoretical and practical training that can be handled here on our premises or taken directly to our customers at whatever location they deem necessary.

The following reasons to choose Stream Marine Training for your maritime updater are all based on our tailored training:

1. Relevance and Accreditation

It’s one thing to receive generic training that meets the requirements of their accrediting bodies. It is another to receive training that accomplishes both accreditation and relevance. We strive for relevance. In other words, we don’t want our students learning just basic concepts and broad-based ideas. We want them to learn the facts and skills necessary to make them the best they can be at whatever they do, day in and day out. Without relevance, maritime training is lacking.

2. Managed Training

We manage training among our clients through a step change programme that improves efficiency without sacrificing quality. Through appropriate management, we do not leave anything to chance. We help our clients manage all their training needsas they arise and on schedule so that training follows a logical progression based on client need.

3. Gap Analysis

Stream Marine Training provides gap analysis services to help clients identify current and future training needs. Over the years, we have found this to be very helpful to clients who might not otherwise know where their training is lacking. We can then offer one of our existing courses or a tailored course to fill the identified gaps.

As you can see, Stream Marine Training doesn’t believe in allowing anything to be left to chance. We understand how important training is to each of our clients and their employees. We understand how important training is to safety and productivity as well. Therefore, we offer tailored training that is second to none. That’s why you should choose us for your maritime updater.