Training Course Focus: FAIB Automated External Defibrillation Training

Course Focus: FAIB Automated External Defibrillation Training

FAIB Automated External Defibrillation Training Course

We offer a range of training courses across many disciplines and to expand on the information we offer, here, we’re going to take a closer look at our FAIB Automated External Defibrillation Training Course.

Automated external defibrillation (AED) could mean the difference between life or death for someone suffering from cardiac arrest. It is for this reason that Britain has so aggressively pushed locating AED devices in public places where they might be used to save lives. Stream Marine Training is proud to be able to offer FAIB AED training for those working in maritime industries.

The three-hour AED training course is designed to ensure delegates are fully comfortable and thoroughly competent using AED devices to assist those suffering from cardiac arrest. Delegates learn, among other things:

  • the basics of cardiac rhythms
  • how to ensure an AED device is usable
  • the basics of how the AED works
  • how to know when AED use is appropriate.

Delegates are given opportunities to practice with an AED device using standard protocols. Practice includes a number of scenarios designed to simulate instances in which life-saving AED device use would be appropriate.

Important Things to Know

If you already possess a current first aid certificate and you want to learn how to use AED devices, this course might be ideal for you. There are some other things you need to know when considering whether to take the course.

First, AED devices are intended to save lives. Sudden cardiac arrest, for which the devices are designed, is one of the leading causes of premature death in the UK. The AED concept is one of restoring the natural rhythm of the heart as quickly as possible to preserve life and minimise any potential damage caused by heart stoppage.

Second, AED devices are uniquely designed to be used by individuals without advanced medical or resuscitation training. The machines themselves can guide a person through the process of performing public access defibrillation (PAD) through verbal instructions and visual prompts.

Third, AED devices are very safe to use. They will not allow electrical shock to be delivered unless onboard sensors detect such shock is necessary. It is nearly impossible for an operator to harm him/herself with the devices as well.

Lastly, a person should not worry about liability when using an AED device to save a life. The public use of AED devices is not subject to lawsuit as long as the operator of the device acts appropriately in trying to assist someone suffering from severe cardiac arrest.

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