Training Course Focus: STCW Basic Safety Training

STCW Basic Safety Week TrainingTraining Course Focus: STCW Basic Safety Training

Stream Marine Training offers an STCW Basic Safety Training course for the maritime and shipping industries. All maritime vessels in excess of 24m are required to have and maintain a training certificate certifying all crew members as adequately trained. Taking this course will be required for almost all maritime employment opportunities involving vessels other than small fishing boats.

The accrediting body for this course is the international convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW). Students who take and pass this course with Stream Marine Training receive certification; it must be maintained through regular refresher courses as long as a mariner wants to remain employed.

What the Training Covers

Be advised that Basic Safety Training is compulsory for all crew members working on vessels in excess of 24m, super yachts included. Training covers the basic elements of security and first aid, principles that would be necessary for crew members to safely address emergencies at sea.

Course topics include:

  • individual survival techniques
  • safety and social responsibilities
  • fire prevention/fire fighting
  • elementary first aid skills
  • security awareness techniques and skills.

Anyone thinking of pursuing a career in the maritime industry will need to consider taking this course if their chosen career path could have them working as a crew member on a qualifying vessel. It is far better to take the training and not need it than attempt to find employment without it.

Experience Is Not Necessary

No maritime, first aid, or survival experience is necessary to take this course. It is designed for people in the early stages of a maritime career. However, students should possess basic swimming skills. Training includes survival skills that will be necessary in the event future mariners end up in the water as the result of an emergency.

The STCW Basic Safety Training course offered by Stream Marine Training is a five-day course conducted at two locations: one at Glasgow International Airport and the other at the Clydebank Business Park. Our fee is £825 (+VAT) per person, and interested candidates can sign up for the course on our website. Upon completion, a BTFS certificate is awarded to successful candidates.

If you need more information about this training course, please contact us right away. Also feel free to browse our website for additional maritime course offerings you might benefit from.