STCW Updating Refresher Courses

A range of STCW courses have an expiry period and require refreshing every so often. Most of them are on 5-year re-validation cycle. Stream Marine Training are pleased to offer you the following courses. Updating Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFFU), Updating Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (PSCRBU) and Updating Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques (PSTU) delivered on our Glasgow’s premises along with Updating Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting (AFFU) delivered over a live webinar. Using webinars reduces the amount of time students need to be present at the company’s training centre by a full day. This significantly reduces accommodation and travel costs. This blended learning approach also gives total flexibility for the trainees who can choose which days they want to visit the site for the practical exercises and when to take the theoretical content using the live webinars.

To book, please click on the course name below and follow the process or:

email: or telephone +44 (0) 141 212 8777 or 0330 053 6860