SMT Battery and Fuel Cells Awareness Training (BAFC)

This course gives a broad overview and insight of current battery and fuel cell technology. It covers pivotal areas such as construction, application, safety and hazard/emergency response in this expanding technological field.

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Course Description:

This course offers training related to fixed battery and fixed fuel cell installation.

Our course covers half day on battery application, construction, hazards, legislation and operational requirements and a half day on fuel cell.

application, construction, hazards, legislation and operational requirements.

This course offers training for batteries and fuel cells systems and implementing the correct procedures with confidence within the safety.

management systems and have confidence around risk managing the process. This is a more detailed look at the hazards and practical elements.

of Batteries and Fuel Cells as a bunker fuel, with demonstrations that the delegates will remember.


Please note, this course can be tailored in line with company safety management systems and client specific requirements.


Learning Outcomes:

· An understanding of Battery applications

· An understanding of Battery construction and Hazards

· An understanding of legislation and operational requirements for batteries

· An understanding of Fuel Cell applications

· An understanding of Fuel cell construction and Hazards

· An understanding of legislation and operational requirements for fuel cells


Who is this Course for?

This course is aimed at shore staff, management and senior officers working with batteries and fuel cells as a vessels fuel.



This course has no prerequisites.



1 day

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