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Stream Marine Training provides approved training packages for those interested in a career within the renewables industry. We offer a Basic Safety Training week for those beginning their careers in this sector. If you are already working in the offshore/onshore industry, we can offer training to advance in your career. Our Basic Safety Training course is made up of:

Day 1 Monday – Sea Survival (For offshore personnel)

Day 2 & 3 Tuesday & Wednesday – Working at Height & Manual Handling (this is a combined course)

Day 4 Thursday – First Aid

Day 5 Friday 8am - 12pm – Fire Awareness

To book these courses individually, please call our bookings office on 0141 212 8777 to arrange a suitable date.

The Global Wind Organisation requires certificates to be updated every 2 years, so refresher training courses are also offered below, in line with the certification body regulations.  To book refresher training at SMT, please also call our bookings office on 0141 212 8777 to arrange a suitable date.

To find out more about the GWO training courses at SMT, please see all our GWO approved courses below


GWO Basic Safety Training (BST)

5 Day On Site Course

£462.50 excl. VAT


GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher (BSTR)

3.5 days

£380 excl. VAT


GWO Fire Awareness (FAW)

0.5 day

£50 excl. VAT


GWO Fire Awareness Refresher (FAWR)

0.5 Day

£50 excl. VAT


GWO First Aid (FA)

1 day

£97.50 excl. VAT


GWO First Aid Refresher (FAR)

1 day

£70 excl. VAT


GWO Manual Handling (MH)

0.5 Day

£40 excl. VAT


GWO Sea Survival (SS)

1 day

£150 excl. VAT


GWO Sea Survival Refresher (SSR)

1 day

£150 excl. VAT


GWO Working At Height (WAH)

2 days

£170 excl. VAT


GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined (WAH+MH)

2 days

£202.50 excl. VAT


GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined Refresher (WAHR+MHR)

1 day

£220 excl. VAT