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OPITO Further Offshore Emergency Training with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (FOET CA-EBS)

1 day

From £132.75

Unlock vital emergency response skills beyond standard drills and exercises! Our cutting-edge Product offers learners a unique opportunity to practice and demonstrate essential capabilities that traditional offshore training may not cover. Get equipped for real-world challenges with our OPITO Further Offshore Emergency Training. Enrol now and elevate your emergency preparedness to new heights!

On successful completion of the course, delegates will be provided with an OPITO Approved certificate which is valid for 4 years.

OPITO - (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation)

Gain Essential Skills with FOET (with CA-EBS) for Emergency Offshore Training

The FOET (with CA-EBS) program is meticulously designed to equip learners with crucial abilities in handling helicopter emergencies and basic first aid in challenging offshore environments.

Learning Objectives:

A) Mastering Helicopter Emergency Procedures

In a simulated environment, participants will demonstrate their proficiency in using safety equipment and following procedures during helicopter emergencies. The program places particular emphasis on effective escape techniques following helicopter ditching scenarios.

B) Effective Firefighting and Self-Rescue Techniques

Learners will showcase their ability to utilise basic firefighting equipment efficiently and employ self-rescue techniques in conditions with low visibility or complete obscurity, such as smoke-filled areas.

C) Acquiring Basic First Aid Skills

The FOET (with CA-EBS) includes practical training in basic first aid, ensuring participants are capable of providing initial medical assistance during emergencies.

Our comprehensive FOET (with CA-EBS) program will help you gain the necessary skills and confidence to excel in emergency situations offshore and boost your preparedness and safety standards.

OPITO-approved training centres are required to ensure that prior to participating in in-water CA-EBS practical exercises the learner: Please see prerequisites below


a) Possesses a valid, unexpired Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) offshore medical certificate confirming the learner’s fitness for offshore work* OR possesses a valid, unexpired offshore medical certificate issued by a body outside of the UK which is recognised as equivalent to the OGUK medical certificate of fitness for offshore work* OR possesses a valid, unexpired, medical certificate of fitness to work at sea*, AND


b) Possesses a certificate of fitness to undertake shallow water CA-EBS training issued by a registered OGUK examining doctor*, OR, where the medical fitness certificate for work at sea includes a restriction or is subject to conditions, possesses a statement from an appropriately registered practitioner that the restriction or condition does not result from a respiratory or ENT condition and there is no absolute contraindication to the shallow water learner’s participation in the training*, AND


c) On the date on which the learner is to undertake shallow water CA-EBS training, and prior to entering the water in which the training takes place, the learner gives to the OPITO-approved Centre a statement, that to the best of the learner’s knowledge and belief, the learner has no (current or past) medical condition which makes the learner unfit to participate in the training. Learners must not participate in Additional CA-EBS Training (In-Water) practical exercises if they are unable to meet the requirements of a) b) and c) above.

4 years

This comprehensive course is specifically designed for individuals working in the offshore oil and gas industry and requiring further safety and emergency response training. It is particularly beneficial for those who will be provided with a compressed air emergency breathing system (CA-EBS) during offshore helicopter travel. Join this training program to enhance your skills for offshore helicopter travel and meet the essential requirements for FOET certification. Prepare yourself for any emergency situation with our expert-led FOET training. 

Price On Request


Shoulder Width Measurement

0.25 Day

From £30.00

Guidelines recommend that all passengers traveling to North Sea Installations should find a seat near a Push-out emergency exit window that suits their body size comfortably. This assessment can be made using a helicopter Bideltoid measurement service, commonly known as shoulder width measurement.

As part of these regulations, all helicopter passengers are kindly asked to undergo a shoulder width measurement conducted by specially trained trainers and medics. If a passenger's shoulder width exceeds 55.9cm (22 inches), they will be considered extra broad (XBR) and are encouraged to sit in a helicopter seat next to a window that accommodates their shoulder size.

For passengers with a shoulder width of 55.9cm or less, they will be classified as regular.

Once completed, candidates will be issued with a Shoulder Width Measurement certificate.

£30.00 excl.VAT

Recommended every 4 years.

For personnel travelling to an offshore installation by helicopter.