STCW Polar Suvival

A fun, exciting and engaging survival course for one of the most hostile environments on earth, the Polar Survival course is designed to give a candidate a foundation of knowledge and experience to promote survival in the polar regions.

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A 2.5 day approved Polar survival/Polar code course, and the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.  

We use an indoor ski centre here in Glasgow during the practical hands-on tent building exercise. This exercise on the snow utilises the equipment contained within the Personal survival Kits (PSKS), Group Survival Kits (GSKS), tents and immersion suits which are onboard. This gives the opportunity for the crew to build the tents, and use the equipment in a realistic, safe environment thus giving crews training using the same survival equipment as onboard the ships. During the last exercise we also have a medical emergency for the teams to treat whilst erecting tents. This whole exercise is also a team building which can be extremely advantageous especially for new crews.

The course has a focus on medical emergencies. 

As well as survival, the course discusses operational issues, human factor issues, firefighting capabilities, utilising the vessels’ Polar Water Operational Manual. The course also gives an explanation on the Polar Code. At present the course is open to all Officers & ratings.



STCW Polar Survival Training


Change of cloths, towel, toiletries

Who is this course for?

The whole course is structured around individuals with no experience or limited experience working within ice covered areas. 

Learning Objectives

    • Keeping safety equipment, escape routes and survival craft clear of snow and ice accumulation;
    • Instructing passengers in the use of survival equipment and the actions to take in an emergency;
    • Training the crew in the use of personal and group survival equipment; and
    • Training each crew member in the procedures and equipment described in the Polar Water Operational Manual relevant to their assigned duties

Special Requirements

A medical declaration will be required when attending the course. The practical exercises may be physically demanding.


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