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Fire Safety

Stream Marine Training offers STCW approved Fire Fighting courses, see below to find which training suits you. 

Held at our fire ground premises next to Glasgow airport, you will pick up essential skills on fire prevention and firefighting as well as well as be able to develop your knowledge at the update courses we offer.  The firefighting courses offered include STCW Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) which can be completed individually or as part of STCW Basic Safety Training Week (BSW).  For information on each course, please click below to find out more. 


STCW Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)

4 days

From £635.00


STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Update (AFFU) Route 2

1 day

From £195.00


STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Update (AFFU) Route 2 - Webinar

1 Day Webinar

From £195.00


STCW Advanced Firefighting Update (AFFU) - Route 1

0.5 Day

From £165.00


STCW Advanced Firefighting Updated (AFFU) - Route 1 Webinar

0.5 Day Webinar

From £165.00


STCW Basic Safety Training Week (BSW)

5 Days On Site

From £825.00


STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF)

2.5 days

From £525.00


STCW Fire Prevention and Firefighting Update (FPFFU)

1 Day

From £195.00


STCW Refresher Course - 3 Course/Route 1 (PSTU + FPFFU + PSCRBU)

2 Day

From £444.00


STCW Tanker Fire Fighting (TFF)

1 Day

From £125.00

QA Level 1 Award in Fire Safety Awareness (RQF)

0.5 Day

From £69.00


QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety (RQF) (Fire Warden / Fire Marshal)

1 Day

From £99.00