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Navigation and Bridge Work

SMT Bespoke Navigation Simulator Time

1 Hour

From your home computer we can run scenarios from the very basic, to very complicated.

  • Basic steering.
  • Advanced manoeuvring.
  • Pilotage and mooring.
  • Towing and multi-ship tows.
  • Heavy weather.
  • In port manoeuvring.
  • Ice manoeuvring.
  • STS manoeuvring.
  • Search and rescue.

We have a very large range of vessels and ports around the world and can develop courses specific to the need of the customer.

Course fees will vary on the exercise and requirements.

There may be additional costs for scenario development.

Please call for a quote.

A desktop computer with speakers and preferably two screens, and a mouse and broadband internet connection.

£75 excl. VAT