Online Webinar MCA Small Workboat Stability Course


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Online Webinar MCA Small Workboat Stability Course

1 Day Course over a live online webinar consisting of multiple 2-hour sessions.

Price: £225.00 Exc.VAT

The MCA Stability for Workboats, Pilot Boats and Small Commercial Vessels is a new 1-day course introduced by the MCA to comply with the requirement in the 2014 MCA Workboat.

Candidates for other MCA qualifications such as Master 200/OOW 500, Boatmaster, Tug Master and Yachtmaster Offshore would find this course useful to understand what can be a complex subject.

Course outcomes :

  1. General terms in use
  2. General Principles of Transverse Stability: –
  3. Adding, removing and shifting weights: –
  4. The Stability Booklet
  5. Stiff and tender vessels
  6. Use of cranes and shift of CoG
  7. Free Surface Effect
  8. Critical KG calculations (Transverse Stability)
  9. Inclining Test
  10. Deck edge Immersion
  11. Catamaran stability
  12. Risks associated with Tug and Tow
  13. Risks associated with deck cargoes
  14. Wind & Ice accretion Effects.

The above one-day course includes a short 45-minute online exam that tests the knowledge and understanding of the students. Pass mark: – Minimum 60

Webinars will be presented online by a qualified trainer.

Over 16 Years Old

Must Hold Government Photo I.D

If you are unsure of which prerequisites you may need for a course, please go to to check.

Course Dates:

12 April 2021, 20 May 2021, 1 Jul 2021, 20 Aug 2021 Please contact us for more dates