If you’ve ever explored the possibility of a career in the offshore petroleum industry, then you’ve probably wondered what certifications you’ll require to make it happen. There’s a few courses that’ll make you offshore ready, and while we train them all here at Stream Marine Training, in this blog post we’re going to discuss just the basic level course requirements: the OPITO Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) course. Here at Stream Marine Training, we’re passionate about ensuring you’re not just ready for the job, but that you’re also comfortable in the knowledge.

What is the OPITO MIST Course?

Let’s start with the basics. OPITO stands for the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation, the global gold standard for safety and technical training in the oil and gas industry. The MIST course, which stands for Minimum Industry Safety Training, is designed to provide you with the foundational safety knowledge required for working offshore.

The Core Components of MIST

  1. Introduction to the Hazardous Offshore Environment: Gain an understanding of the unique challenges and risks of working offshore.
  2. Workplace Hazards and Risk Controls: Learn to identify potential hazards and the best practices for managing them.
  3. Safety Observations Systems: Understand the importance of safety observations and how to effectively report and act on them.
  4. Asset Integrity: Gain insights into maintaining the structural integrity of offshore installations.
  5. Human Factors: Explore the human elements that impact safety, including behaviour, communication, and teamwork.

Why MIST is a Must-Have

You might be wondering, “Why is this course so crucial?” The answer is simple: safety. Offshore environments are inherently risky, and having the right training can mean the difference between a smooth operation and a disastrous incident. The MIST course equips you with the knowledge and skills to stay safe, protect your colleagues, and contribute to a culture of safety.

Real-World Applications

Imagine this: you’re on an offshore rig, and a safety alarm goes off. Panic? Not you. Thanks to your MIST training, you’ll know exactly how to respond, keeping calm and following the correct procedures. This level of preparedness not only boosts your confidence but also makes you an invaluable asset to your team. Over 150,000 offshore workers worldwide have completed the MIST course.

Why Choose Stream Marine Training for Your MIST Course?

At Stream Marine Training, based in the vibrant city of Glasgow, we pride ourselves on delivering training that’s both informative and enjoyable. Our experienced instructors bring real-world expertise to the classroom, ensuring you get practical insights and hands-on experience. Plus, our state-of-the-art facilities and interactive training methods make learning both effective and fun. Our course content is regularly updated to reflect the latest industry standards and technologies.


Here’s what some of our past trainees have to say:

“Great facilities, very VERY accommodating. Did a course Mon – Fri and I was very pleasantly surprised. No corners cut, safety is 100% and the value for money is probably the best in the UK. If you’re hesitating between training centres and SMT is on your list, book it here. If not on your list – it is should be” – Thomas K.

“I’ve done a lot of courses here during the years and it has always been a straight forward easy process. Instructors are very knowledgeable and equipment in good condition. Location is really handy at the airport for quick getaways and there is always plenty parking.” – Zander Y.

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