Stream Marine Training are expanding their course catalogue, with innovation being the key focus.

Due to popular demand, SMT are launching a one-day safety and awareness course for vessels carrying vehicles which are powered by batteries. As a fast growing new vehicle fuel source, shipping companies are set to have new challenges around the dangers posed by lithium – ion batteries. It has been found that vessel fires caused by these batteries and fuel cells can be extremely violent and difficult to control. As a result of this discovery, SMT has created this emergency response and awareness course.

SMT recognise that the industry is carrying vehicles powered by batteries both within our ferry networks and as cargo. This presents a fresh challenge to the industry and our seafarers. SMT help delegates to gain understanding on how to handle this particular type of new fuelled vehicle both in terms of safety, emergency response and the environmental impacts.

This Batteries and Fuel Cells course at SMT will provide delegates with:

An understanding of battery powered vehicles
An understanding of the fire properties of battery powered vehicles
An understanding of how to extinguish and protecting against thermal runaway
An understanding of environmental impacts of battery fuelled cars should the vehicle be compromised
An understanding of the impact on the vessel structure and surrounding cargo
On this course you will learn how to deal with a battery fire from a battery powered vehicle

In addition to this course, SMT has also developed its existing STCW Fire Prevention Fire Fighting training and STCW Advanced Fire Fighting course to cover elements of emergency response to battery fires and fuel cells.

SMT are leading the industry with a range of new courses and products to support the knowledge and understanding of our seafarers at managing this type of fuel source within modern vehicles.
The new battery courses at Stream Marine Training will offer vital insight for seafarers, shoreside management and operators.

Batteries and Fuel Cells Price – £250 plus VAT