Last week, Stream Marine Training were proud to run our first Battery and Fuel Cells Awareness course at our facilities based on the campus of Glasgow Airport. The importance of understanding the risk of lithium-ion batteries has become increasingly more vital, as the UK looks towards transitioning to the sole manufacturing of electric vehicles by the year 2030. It is known, however that these lithium-ion batteries are extremely dangerous if they catch on fire and therefore awareness of the problems that can occur and how to overcome them on board ship are important.  Stream Marine Training has thus created this awareness course which includes practical elements on how to tackle a lithium-ion battery fire, and how to protect crew from this extremely dangerous blaze.

Attending the course were crew members from NorthLink Ferries, who were chosen to pilot the course at SMT. The crew gained a great understanding of how to deal with these difficult fires if they occur on a ROPAX or RoRo vessel. After the course, a representative from Northlink stated: “SMT’s battery and fuel cell awareness course delivers a wealth of information suited to both ship and shore management teams as our industry seeks to address the hazards posed by carriage and use of batteries and fuel cells”.

The SMT Battery and Fuel Cells Awareness course is an excellent course for ferry crew and those working on any type of car carrier. To find out more about this course visit our website here or download our Alternative Fuels and Systems brochure here.