Stream Marine Careers (SMC) began our first intake of cadets in 2019.  Now we are pleased to announce the successes of these cadets as they are finding their place in the maritime industry and the Stream Marine Careers team are continuing to educate young people on a life at sea.

Merchant Navy cadetships give a rare opportunity to travel the world while learning skills that last a lifetime.  Those selected to take on the roles of Deck or Engineering Officer Cadet at SMC have the chance to absorb the theoretical side of maritime at the UK’s top nautical colleges, as well as apply their findings in the practical setting of various vessels worldwide.

One recent graduate from SMC stated: “You get out of the cadetship what you put into it. At sea you’ll meet some great people who have years of experience, and you can learn something from everyone so don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions! You’ll sail with crew of many different nationalities and it’s a great way to learn about different cultures and lifestyles!”

This cadet has progressed to the role of Third Engineering Officer and will no doubt progress even further due to the support and knowledge he gained during his cadetship.   Furthermore, upon reflection on his first sea phase, another SMC cadet discussed that he and his crewmates have gained confidence and composure when faced with a new challenge or task.  These are skills which will be applied through this cadets’ maritime career.

As a lesser-known career route, SMC are passionate about sharing what a career in maritime is like.  As such, the team have been attending multiple schools in Glasgow and surrounding areas to speak to young people about their experience as Deck and Engineering Officer Cadets.  The team at Stream Marine Careers are keen to share their knowledge and inspire and educate young people.  This effort has seen clear results as we gain more applicants for the January/February 2023 intake, hoping to be supporting around 200 cadets in total by the new year.

If a career at sea sounds like a path you may be interested in, please visit our website for more information, and apply now!