STCW Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (CMHB)

The STCW Proficiency in Crisis Management & Human Behaviour course provides a blend of practical experience and theory development over the one-day course.

24 Aug 2021


The STCW Proficiency in Crisis Management & Human Behaviour course is set up to offer masters, chief officers, chief engineer officers, second engineer officers and any person that has responsibility for the safety of passengers in an emergency. This course will give delegates the knowledge, understanding and proficiency requirements that is set out in the STCW code.  

  • Shipboard emergency procedures 

  • The optimum use of resources 

  • A controlled response to emergencies 

  • The control of passengers and other personnel during emergency and the establishment and maintenance of effective communications 

  • Dealing with Crowds in emergencies and correct procedures


  1. Photographic ID (A Government issued, photographic proof of identity on the day of the course and this should take the form of either a valid Passport or a driving license or a valid discharge book). 
  2. If you are unsure of which prerequisites you may need for a course, please go to to check.


Successful candidates will be awarded with the MCA approved STCW Proficiency in Crisis Management & Human Behaviour certificate, after a short exam. 

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at masters, chief officers, chief engineer officers, second engineer officers and seafarers that have responsibility for the safety of passengers in an emergency.  




1 day, 08:30 AM BST - 04:30 PM BST


  • PD points: 1
Session information


Theory Development
08:30 BST - 16:30 BST
1 day
    • £140.00 excl. VAT

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