SMT Battery Construction and Battery Fire (BCBF)

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This course is a one-day safety and awareness course for vessels carrying vehicles which are powered by battery. It has been found that vessel fires caused by these batteries and fuel cells can be extremely violent and difficult to control, this course aims to ensure delegates gain the knowledge and understanding to develop and implement appropriate procedures for preventing or minimising battery fires onboard vessels.

The course incorporates both theoretical and practical elements.

Learning Outcomes:

· An understanding of battery powered vehicles

· An understanding of the fire properties of battery powered vehicles

· An understanding of how to extinguish and protecting against thermal runaway

· An understanding of environmental impacts of battery fuelled cars should the vehicle be compromised

· An understanding of the impact on the vessel structure and surrounding cargo

· On this course you will learn how to deal with a battery fire from a battery powered vehicle


This course has no prerequisites


SMT Battery Construction and Battery Fire

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at those working with batteries and fuel cells as a vessels fuel or carriage of battery powered vehicles as cargo.


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