SMT Petrochemical Safety - Crude Oil Washing (COW)

A safety and operational instruction on crude oil washing on tankers, dealing with legislation, setup, conduct, and completion. We will also look at the emergency response aspects.

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In accordance with: - 

IMO Resolution A.897(21) – Amendments to the Revised Specifications for the Design, Operation and Control of Crude Oil Washing Systems (Resolution A.446(XI) as Amended by Resolution A.497(XII)) – (Adopted on 25 November 1999)

  • Crude oil washing requirement
  • Inerting requirements and monitoring
  • Siphoning and washing procedures.
  • Slop control
  • Hazards
  • Tank washing equipment
  • Piping and pumping arrangements
  • Training and personnel
  • Final Inspection
  • Emergency response and pollution control


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