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Dangerous Spaces, Goods and Chemicals

Stream Marine Training offers specialist coaching in areas including entry to enclosed/dangerous spaces and dangerous goods and chemicals courses.  Our highly trained and industry leading instructors will guide you in these complex subjects.  At Stream Marine Training, we are the industry leaders in new and alternative fuel technologies, and we are extremely passionate about training seafarers to the highest level.  We provide Tanker Cargo training which are STCW approved courses.


MNTB Entry into Enclosed/Dangerous Spaces (EES)

1 Day On Site Course

£195 excl. VAT

QA Level 2 Award in Principles of COSHH (RQF)

0.5 Day

£69 excl. VAT

SMT Petrochemical Safety - Gas and Atmosphere Operation

1 Day Webinar

£275 excl. VAT


STCW 2010 BASIC Oil, Chemical and Liquified Gas Tanker Cargo Operations (BTCC)

3 Days

£850 excl. VAT


STCW 2010 BASIC Training in Liquified Gas Tanker Cargo Operations (TBLG)

2 Days

£450 excl. VAT


STCW 2010 BASIC Training in Oil & Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations (TBOC)

2 Days

£450 excl. VAT


STCW Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety & Hull Integrity Training For RO RO Passenger Ships (ROPAX)

1 Day

£225 excl. VAT