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SMT LNG/LPG Operational Aspects Training

This training is an introductory look at the operational aspects of gas tankers, and is aimed at shore personnel who will be inspecting or working on a ship for any period of time.

SMT Marine Evacuation System (MES)

The Marine Evacuation System training (MES) course is designed to provide initial familiarisation or support to existing training onboard following the guidelines of MGN 558. The MES course structure provides a balance of theory and practical exercises in conjunction with manufacturers guidelines and client’s safety management system procedures. The following courses can be provided: MES Descent Refresher MES Initial Training & Familiarisation Ship Specific Bespoke Packages

SMT Marine Rescue Training

A short rescue boat course for close coastal work.

SMT Methanol Awareness Training (MAT)

Stream Marine Training are industry leading experts in the training and competency of alternative fuels and systems. Our experienced instructors can create a personalised course, and help guide seafarers in the new area of alternative fuels.

SMT Mooring Operations and Safety

A short course on the safety aspects of mooring a vessel.

SMT Petrochemical Safety - Crude Oil Washing (COW)

A safety and operational instruction on crude oil washing on tankers, dealing with legislation, setup, conduct, and completion. We will also look at the emergency response aspects.

SMT Petrochemical Safety - Gas and Atmosphere Operation

Training for the control of tank atmospheres within Gas, oil and chemical tankers during loading, unloading and carriage.

SMT Petrochemical Safety - Inert Gas Systems (IGS)

A guide to the types and operation of IGS systems on tankers.

SMT Petrochemical Safety - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Training for engineers and deck officers on non-US flag vessels at compliance with NPDES for tankers when in US waters.

SMT Petrochemical Safety - Ship-Shore Interface and ISGOTT

Detailed training on the Ship-shore interface, including the safety checklists and ISGOTT requirements