Stream Marine Training are a world class provider of STCW, HSE and certified training courses to the global maritime, oil and gas, renewables, and construction industries.  We are passionate about making a difference in the maritime renewables industry and were the first training centre to offer innovative training and competency for alternative fuels and systems, thus illustrating our eagerness to lead the change.

Alongside the International Maritime Organisation, the UK has been at the forefront of change in deciding to make the target of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.  The Maritime 2050 plan mainly focusses on the direct effect on marine and coastal areas.  The intention is for the maritime sector to have minimal to no disturbance to the overall environment within the next thirty years.  This will mean a complete change in the building and operations of ships to accommodate this plan (Maritime 2050, 2019).  Stream Marine Training, alongside all our clients are, therefore, responsible for this contribution to reduce environmental damage.

As the COP26 summit recently took place in Glasgow, Stream Marine Training believe it is important to highlight our contribution to the planet through our training and competency for alternative fuels and systems courses. To achieve the goals, set out in Maritime 2050, we must train seafarers in the practical and safety measures that are involved with fuelling ships. The courses we provide are:

STCW Basic IGF Code (BIGF)

STCW Advanced IGF Code (AIGF)

STCW Combined Basic and Advanced IGF code

SMT LNG Awareness

SMT Hydrogen Awareness

SMT Methanol Awareness

SMT Ammonia Awareness

SMT Batteries and Fuel Cells Awareness

SMT Bunkering Operations

SMT Shoreside Legislation Awareness Training

SMT Government/Flag State Training

SMT Decarbonisation requirement and solutions

STCW Tanker Fire Fighting

With our state-of-the-art facilities and industry leading instructors, SMT can help lead the change to the maritime industry and thus the planet. To find out more about our training and competency for alternative fuels and systems, please click here.

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