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STCW Training in Glasgow

STCW Training at Stream Marine Training

All seafarers working on merchant vessels are required by law to have STCW basic safety training certificates before they begin work onboard. Stream Marine Training offers a range of mandatory and specialised STCW 2010 courses for people in marine and offshore industries. Our training involves carefully choreographed practical scenarios and drills married with thought provoking theory-based learning, leaving you in no doubt about what to do, especially in the event of emergency at work.

We provide theory and practical training for merchant ship workers and award an STCW certificate upon successful completion. To be employed in the maritime industry, one must possess a strong understanding of different types of emergencies and emergency procedures. Stream Marine Training offers courses for achieving this where you will gain this know-how to feel comfortable dealing with a workplace emergency.

Our courses are approved by the UK Maritime and Coast Guard AgencyBahamas Maritime Authority and other authorities to meet the tight requirements laid out in the STCW 2010 Manila Amendment which succeeded STCW 95. Delivered by our vastly experienced instructors, with very varied backgrounds in maritime work, our STCW courses are aimed at meeting the needs of seafarers right across the industry, from; roll on roll off Passenger vessels, tankers, ferries, offshore fleet, tugs and private yachts. 


STCW Refresher Course - 3 Course/Route 1 (PSTU + FPFFU + PSCRBU)

2 Day

£444 excl. VAT


STCW Basic Training for Service on Ships using Fuels Covered within the IGF Code (BIGF)

2 Days

From £750.00

£750 excl. VAT


STCW Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (CMHB)

1 Day

From £120.00

£140 excl. VAT


STCW Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (CMHB) - Online via Webinar

1 Day Webinar

From £120.00

£140 excl. VAT


STCW Fire Prevention and Firefighting Update (FPFFU)

1 Day

From £195.00

£195 excl. VAT


STCW Medical Care on Board Ship Update (MCOBU)

3 Days

From £330.00

£340  excl. VAT


STCW Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety & Hull Integrity Training For RO RO Passenger Ships (ROPAX)

1 Day

From £225.00

£225 excl. VAT


STCW Polar Suvival

2.5 days

£750 excl. VAT


STCW Proficiency In Crowd Management (CM) - Online via Webinar

0.5 Day Webinar

From £85.00

£115 excl. VAT


STCW Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats Update Route 1 (FRBU)

0.5 Day

From £150.00

£150 excl. VAT


STCW Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats Update Route 2 (FRBU)

1 Day

£275 excl. VAT


STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat Update (PSCRBU) Route 1

0.5 Day

From £150.00

£150 excl. VAT


STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat Update (PSCRBU) Route 2

1 Day

From £150.00

£225  excl. VAT


SMT Shipboard Safety Officer Training

3 days

£600 excl. VAT


STCW Tanker Fire Fighting (TFF)

1 Day (COGC)

Price On Request

£125 excl. VAT


MCA Approved Engine Course 1 (AEC1)

5 Days

From £950.00

£950 excl. VAT


MCA Approved Engine Course 2 (AEC2)

5 Days

From £950.00

£950 excl. VAT